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Who We Are

At Strength from Above, our mission is to create, produce and deliver the most encouraging and uplifting messages of the Christian faith which will make the greatest positive impact in the word. We currently produce original life changing audios and videos that will help people overcome trying times and improve their daily lives. Not everyone has someone in their life to support and encourage them. We are here to help.

We are financially supported by YouTube Royalties, contributions from friends and partners of our ministry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill God’s mandate to impact the world in the most positive way.

With the prayers and support of our friends and partners around the world, we present a creative and relevant message of Christ and teach people how to apply biblical truth, going forward, we are open to partner with charity organizations to feed the hungry, cloth the poor and minister to the widows and orphans.

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Remain Blessed!

Free Resources

Here are resources, made for the purpose of growing your faith and relationship with God.

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